18 April 2009

ThinkPublic is an award-winning agency focused on using design to improve service experiences in the public sector. We achieve this by working with service providers and the general public to gain understanding of how their services and experiences could be improved. Our dynamic and creative company has worked with the NHS, education, Local Government and the Third Sector.

16 April 2009

Governance, baby

Since I've been doing research on governance and how design can play a role in promoting the good use of it, I find this incredibly interesting. The internet allows for a different kind of information exchange that is now being affected by the voice of the users. It's like we're learning as we go about the "rights and responsibilities" that go along with being a part of this internet village. Now if information graphics could simply the text for those who speak a different language...that'd be cool.

14 April 2009

12 April 2009

It's really happening


06 April 2009

Design is the problem

I've just glanced through this but I can see how Design Is The Problem will be a superb resource for designers (and anyone interested in the complex nature of sustainability).

03 April 2009

Feedback from the field

Lama talked with the women some more and asked some further questions I was curious about. These two were interesting to me:

5. Did you learn anything new from this experience?
We learned the importance of planning our budget and saw that in fact, there was a lot of things that can be done using 500 francs a day.

6. Are you using the bag for anything now? If so, what?
They use the bag to carry the Bible to church on Sunday.

01 April 2009

Design With A Conscience

This surfaced in the interweb chain. This was a great conference I attended a year ago. It has definitely been a part of shaping my graduate work. And if you watch closely, you might just spot me and some other cool "Vancouverins" in the mix.