19 January 2008

Is Green For Sale?

I use the sale tag in my blog  header because I'm beginning to wonder if we view "green" as simply a commodity. A walk into any local store reveals that everyone is taking their inspiration from nature. It's now hip, rather than hippie, to go green. And there was a time when even I thought this was a grand idea. But as time goes on, I continue to see the issues surrounding our consumerism that perpetuates this. 

A study that emerged out of the UK highlights how green can be used to promote purchase more than bring into question why we keep shopping. To me, this falls into the category of rhetoric. The emotional appeals make us feel better about keeping on at the current pace. 

It would seem green sells. But at what cost really?

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Maria said...

I think you're right. The approach is fundamentally flawed. It's the same approach as a nation deeply in debt telling its citizens to save. The lack of leadership is flagrant. I believe that our current course cannot be significantly altered without inspiration from our leaders, and a revaluing of stewardship and slow contemplation. We are currently being rewarded for a short term individualistic view and it runs deep within policy, education, and granting structures, etc.