15 April 2008

Young Skeptics Among Us

Kristen Byrnes made my day. A 15 year old who wants to know whether we're really the cause of global warming. A 15 year old who uses the word "anthropogenic" in a sentence. And a 15 year old who doesn't believe everything she reads.


Maria said...

seems to me she believes what her dad believes. Not an uncommon thing for a 15 year old. It's good she's learning a thing or two about critical thought though. Next she should try to make herself believe that humans are making the earth hot.

I'm fond of saying that it's not the current state we should be concerned about but the trajectory. So you know whether or not the earth is warming because of us, the move towards a more healthy and lean way of living is a good trajectory and should be supported. If believing that humans cause global warming will give me cleaner air and less road noise, I'm gonna read all the science supporting the claim and spread the gospel ;)

olivelife said...

I like that word trajectory. I believe it has hope attached to it. And so how can we visualize trajectory for the viewing public? Now that could be interesting!