16 July 2008


Since being in Rwanda, I can't get the word languid out of my mind.

The people here are languid.

Well, some more than others. And I mean it the best possible way. The word itself has an elegance and gait that can only be considered peaceful. The way the word rolls off my tongue is the way the people move and interact. There is a word for this (when words equal something active), isn't there? I can't recall it right now. Something like onomatopoeia but not quite.

This languid quality is incredibly attractive and almost soothing (as opposed to the lazy definition above. With the amount of work these people do just to get by, I can hardly dub them lazy).

So the word of the week is languid . Try using it in a sentence.

Language is so beautiful and powerful.

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shuffle pappa said...


Today I took the opportunity to read the majority of your Blog to your mother. It was good for me to do this both for me and for Mom.What a story, what incites,what an opportunity. Talk to you soon!