23 August 2008

Unexpected Opportunities

If you've followed my blog, you are aware of how some things can be frustrating in our journey to complete our project. Internet that doesn't work, meetings and events that get cancelled and general miscommunication realities are just some of the "calamities" of our process. But recently, I've been given a great opportunity to prepare a document that will most likely be forwarded to the First Lady of Rwanda. As she is an advocate of the cooperatives in Rwanda, we wanted to share with her about our work and invite her to the exhibit. Here's some images from the brief I developed and Lama will hopefully be able to connect with her and/or her staff to present more. Whatever happens, this is something I did not expect!

I am doing similar documents to send to our potential sponsors for the exhibit. Using photography and design, we hope to present a story that the private sector can get behind.


Leann said...

Awesome! I think you have done a tremendous job of explaining what the plight these people are going through and the devastation being caused by the hyancinth. What I've appreciated is also learning how the women have used this invasive plant for the good of their economy - by the making of baskets, hats, etc. Also the exploration of other options for the use of this plant has undoubtedly given them hope for a better possibilities and a greater future. Your pictures and writings and your other talents have been well used and I'm glad to see how far reaching they've become.
Congratulations on all of your hard work and for perservering under challenging conditions!

shuffle pappa said...

Isn't it true that hard work brings many great results. The pain of climbing the mountain is rewarded by the view and the pain, and much more. You are the first lady of hard work. I appreciate you and look forward to your wisdom and your work, as well as the furthering of Rwandan prosperity through such efforts.