05 September 2008


We actually pulled off our exhibit at the Kandt House Museum of Natural History. The event drew about 100 guests from all sectors of society. Minister Romain Murenzi (responsible for Science and Technology) opened the show and Rose Mukankomeje from the office of the Rwandan Environmental Management Agency (REMA) also attended. We were interviewed on two of the major radio stations and there should be a spread in the Sunday edition of the New Times Paper. The women even got to sell a few items and I offered up posters to raise funds for our efforts.

We got a lot of feedback indicating this was a successful experience:
It promoted the Kandt (that most Rwandans are unaware of)
It offered a cultural and social activity (which is atypical)
It highlighted how art and science can merge together for economic development
It brought people together for a common purpose and provided something aesthetic and meaningful

I am exhausted but absolutely delighted with how everything turned out. What a great capstone to my experience here.

The site is live (but will need some North American soil tweaking still).


Trevor said...

Awesome Kara... wish I could've been there.

Meghan said...

I am so proud of you. Truly. You look beautiful in the picture.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.