25 September 2008

I want to be a pilot

This video was shared with me by a visual artist who knew of my time in Rwanda. It is poetic and moving, to say the least.

Beyond that it has multiple layers. And a layer that strikes me in light of my thesis work is, "How do we communicate adaptive strategies to a young boy who is infected with HIV and living alone in Kibera?" Watching him wade through mounds of garbage makes me both cry and consider. Consider how waste management could make life better (not to mention all sorts of other basic needs being fulfilled). Thankfully, some have begun to look into this idea.

As I listened to each line of his poem, I was struck by what he had to say about the West's involvement in his country and how even that had provided all that he could hope for. Suffice it say, this is sticking with me (as Kibera is in Kenya and at times, the level of poverty is not that far removed from some of the realities I saw in Rwanda).

I am also challenged with his words that we flippantly toss out, "I want to fly away." Right.

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