25 November 2008

Quote(s) of the day

Because sometimes you need reminders...

Graduate design education is one of the most promising possibilities for the development of new information in the field and for the creation of ambitious models of operation.

All objects with which we surround ourselves are a language beyond language, an extension of ourselves, a visualization of the invisible, a self-portrait, a way of introducing ourselves, and an essential dimension of humanity.

Even though there can be beautiful computer keyboards, excellent typefaces and magnificent dining-room furniture, we concentrate on our typing, reading and eating.

1) Visual communication design is centred on human behaviour and not on visual forms.
2) Visual communication design applied to solve social problems can learn from [other disciplines].
3) The evaluation of the outcome of a communication campaign must be an integrated part of the design plan, and it requires achievable objectives and a substantial , reachable, reactive and measurable audience.
4) A thorough knowledge of the problem and of its socioeconomic impact is necessary to secure the resources required for the support of appropriate action.
5) Visual communication design is a professional responsibility that overflows the technical. A technically excellent but ethically and socially irresponsible designer is a social, cultural and ecological hazard.

Visual communication design has to strengthen its concern for what really matters: life, death, pain, happiness, and the welfare of people.

Jorge Frascara
User-Centered Graphic Design: Mass Media and Social Change

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