17 December 2008

Carry this, please?

In developing the probes for my lovely women in rural Rwanda, I've been thinking about the ease and practicality of how they will engage these exercises that are asking them to document their needs, desires and wants via image, texture and color. And I got to thinking that maybe having this "kit" in the form of a carrying case might be:

a) more useful and
b) a bit more practical.

Since they might be attending to the farm or weaving at the shop, my typical assumptions of how they complete these activities seems to require a different approach. So here's a very rough prototype of my thoughts about how I could make a simple case for this. Once the activities are complete, they can keep the pencils and "purse" for something in the future?

Think fabric, think the size of a Moleskine, and think reusable. Or so I hope.
Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback?

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beth said...

a very good idea i think