11 December 2008

( ) space: Legal Size

Last night, the grad program hosted an opening event at the new ( ) space at the 1612 West 3rd Studios. The exhibition put us all on the same page. Literally.

We were invited to use a legal sized piece of paper to make something that represented where we were at in our research. I opted to create a piece of origami, interactive in nature, to show how I am investigating communication when you don't have a shared language (as a designer who has trusted this more in her previous work).

Origami, as a pattern language, is interesting to me in as much as demonstrates how art and math can work together to create objects both functional and beautiful. My last post identifies the ways that health and science are benefiting from the principles of this ancient art form. I learned how to make this piece without a manual or words. I watched videos or looked at the fold patterns as a means to consider how I can learn something without text.

Kara shows Rok her interactive piece, Without Words. Photos courtesy of Defne.


Meghan said...

Well done, friend. That looks lovely. What does the placard say?

olivelife said...

"I am learning about origami as a personal project. I have done so, not by reading a text but by watching it be made or looking at patterns without words. In my undergraduate degree, I studied English Literature. As you can imagine, words were extremely important. After spending a summer in Rwanda, where language was not shared, I have come to appreciate the voice of the periphery and the value of being able to express oneself and be understood. This piece is an interactive object made without words. When language fails, can we still communicate?"