13 January 2009

On making a milestone

The visual guidebook: This essentially shows how to use the kit with images only (minor text was added for the title and the final two pictures that suggest what the user can keep and what I'm asking them to return).

I can hardly believe it. The kits are done, packed up and will be picked up by FedEx tomorrow (to be taken to a team of people who are heading to Rwanda on Monday).
I am both elated and a tad freaked out (letting your labours go without being able to follow their process is a strange feeling, to say the least).

Now I wait (and focus on my writing!). What will become of all this? Hmmm.


Trevor said...

Congrats on making this milestone...

Meghan said...

I unner'stand, in my own little way, what it's like to work hard on an idea and then it off not really knowing what will come of it. Granted, my music isn't going to possibly change the economic status and security of Rwandan women but I think you know what I mean. ;-) I'm so proud of you!