28 February 2009


This exercise is asking the participant to identify what they need (red dots) versus what they wish they had (green dots). Here is a rough image showing 6 of the 10 responses. The majority of images come from IDEO's HCD Toolkit.

Interestingly, one participant numbered the priority of each. They are hung here in order from number 1 to number 6 in each category. I am not certain as to how she interpreted each image but for my purposes I'm listing them as this:

1. Clean water
2. Truck
3. Books/education
4. Shop for amenities
5. Firewood
6. Cell phone

1. A better house
2. Tractor
3. Doctor
4. Jerrican (or fuel?)
5. Electricity
6. Computers

I have a lot of thoughts about these images but I'll save writing about them for my actual thesis paper.

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