09 February 2009


To track the process of the kits, I am including an email I received today to show what questions emerged in their delivery. This inquiry is as much a part of the project as are the physical kits and their contents.

Finally went to Gashora, yesterday. It's been crazy busy trying to coordinate the trip. The women loved the projects. They thank you for the portraits, the stamp and thinking about them. They said they miss you too.

I have 2 quick questions:
1. I know they will return the photos back to Canada for processing.
Where do you want the dots to be placed on?
2. Are there any specific photos you need for the interaction during
the cultural probe?

What was interesting to me is that there were questions about the dots exercise (which I had assumed would be clear).

This could be due to the stress of getting to the village, the issue of time or any other possibility. But something to consider in creating a communication tool.

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