17 November 2009

I talked to a radio reporter today. She'd learned that I was going to be speaking at Practivism II. In the course of our conversation the words, "human-centered design" came up and she didn't understand what it meant so I attempted to explain it to her from my perspective. In light of this chat, I'm curious to know how others might define it (especially to someone outside of design)?


A.Fetterly said...

I would describe Human Centered Design as an approach to design that looks at the human needs/aspects of an equation to arrive at solutions to meeting those needs. The difference being that 'general design' would investigate trends, data, or static research whereas Human Centered Design involves people directly affected or related to the problem aiming to be solved to insure relevancy, innovation and applicability. Having never utilized the HCD Toolkit, this is just my opinion. I really enjoy your blog Kara and I am stoked to be informed on what Human Centered Design actually is tonight at Practivism.

olivelife said...

Thanks, Amanda! Great juxtaposition. I'll do my best to explain it from my experiences! I found this online and think it is a great example of it in action: http://is.gd/4Z3or