12 January 2010

Learning #2: Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's broken.

DIY is a the mantra of the day. Last year, I wore rain boots I found in the dumpster and revisited my mother's wardrobe from the 60s to acquire a few new outfits. To highlight this learning, I've listed a few people and places that have helped me sort out my new love and appreciation of the old(er) in the midst of a discipline that often praises the new:
The Amish
Readymade Magazine
The weavers of Gashora and a designer from Kibungo
Maker Faire
Rural Studio
Cut/Copy/Paste Exhibition

I am still sorting the economics of these ideas and how they get sustained in an age of innovation. But I love how this shift has affected my process and thinking.
One of twelve in this series

image source: Cut/Paste at the Royal Ontario Museum (Random related note? I actually inherited a cigarette case just like this one)

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