18 March 2010

I asked the students I work with (as a seminar leader for an Ecological Design course) to come up with a problem or issue that they'd want to see discussed when designers and city leaders connect at Dinner With A Side Of Design. Here are some of their thoughts based on course content:

1) How can you make policy knowledge more accessible to people?
2) How would you make sustainable design more convenient?
3) How would you shift food safe policies so people could bring their own dishes for take out?
4) How would you improve the space and riding experience on the bus?
5) How would you improve the bus scheduling so people would choose to take the bus over a car?

Do you have any to add?

Image source: All Free Crafts


Urban Movement said...

LOVE IT!!! thank you !!!

Middle East Tutorial said...

I'm also into dialogue through design. And design through dialogue!

I'm a cardboard robot bringing peace to the world! Easy to follow instructions!


Anonymous said...

I have a difficult time with this subject because I don't forsee a world where things will ever be "convenient enough". There will always be days where you forget a travel mug or a reusable bag... and caving into that easy disposable item will always be more convenient.

If anything, we need to make the old habits MORE inconvenient. Lets design cities that are more difficult for cars. Lets stop expanding highways to solve traffic problems. Cutting commutes will only encourage people to live further away from their work. Lets build bus lanes instead - making the commute shorter for only those who take public transit.

Ecological Design sounds like a great course!