19 November 2010

Imagine inviting some of your city officials to an amazing dinner. The table cloth, instead of being a mere accessory to beautify the event, becomes a place to actively dialogue with those around you. While you eat, you are visualizing the conversations presented to you on the table cloth.

Could this be a new alternative to local democratic exchange? If Obama can have a state dinner, could the local community do the same and address issues over a meal? We may not have a presidential budget but each community will have vendors who would likely benefit from the opportunity to be included in such an undertaking.


Unknown said...

This dinner with a side of design is brilliant ! At the end of the video it is mentioned that the toolkit is open source and available. Can one obtain this even if one did not have the opportunity to be present? If so, how and where? Merci, Stepanka Peterka

Unknown said...

A toolkit was handed out to the attendees but at this time is not available to the public. Thanks for your interest!