24 January 2011

Visual Meaning
I introduced my Design One class to the work of Richard Serra today. He has a list of verbs that he has developed and he aims to enact these verbs in his work.

We had a warm up sketch session and then I asked them to see if they could translate one of their sketched ideas into a larger scale version by using a different material: yarn and pins. We went around the room to see if people could identify what each "sketch" meant. And we wanted to ask the interwebs to also review the work and let us know what they see.

Can you tell what each of the above images represent (please post in the comments)? Here is part of Serra's list to help you along:

to roll
to crease
to fold
to store
to bend
to shorten
to twist
to shave
to tear
to chip
to split
to cut
to sever
to drop
to remove
to simplify
to differ
to disarrange
to open
to mix
to splash
to knot
to spill
to droop
to flow
to curve
to lift
to inlay
to impress
to fire
to flood
to smear
to rotate
to swirl
to support
to hook
to suspend
to spread
to hang
to collect
to grasp
to tighten
to bundle
to heap
to gather
to scatter
to discard
to pair
to distribute
to compliment
to enclose
to surround
to encircle
to hole
to cover
to wrap
to dig
to tie
to bind
to weave
to join
to match
to bond
to hinge
to mark
to expand
to dilute
to light
to stretch
to bounce
to erase
to force
to continue


Diana Griffin said...

Interesting visualizations! My initial impressions - some from the list and others not, some with more certainty than others:

1. to force
2. to layer
3. to hang
4. to weave
5. to disarrange
6. to suspend
7. to join
8. to fold
9. to climb
10. to bind
11. to twist
12. to grow
13. to cover

olivelife said...

Thanks for participating, Diana!
These are the answers to what the students intended to display. The aim was to see if it was easy to identify the verb and if not, suggest they revisit how it could more clearly be represented. You'll notice that some chose the same word. I'll be sharing the blog guesses with them next week!

1. to fire
2. to layer
3. to hang
4. to weave
5. to join
6. to suspend
7. to weave
8. to crease
9. to suspend
10. to overlap
11. to expand
12. to twist
13. to cover