06 January 2012

The Word "And"

Nothing makes me melt more than an ampersand. I don't really have words for this gushing that occurs but seeing as I'm about to host a significant version of one in my home, I've found myself pondering the word "and" and its impact on what we say or do.

This excerpt from Richard Rohr seemed fitting to share. Because it can be easier to say "but," I'm going to work on speaking more "and" this year.

"And" teaches us to say yes
"And" allows us to be both - and
"And" keeps us from either - or
"And" teaches us to be patient and long-suffering
"And" is willing to wait for insight and integration
"And" keeps us from dualistic thinking
"And" helps us to live in the imperfect now
"And" keeps us inclusive and compassionate toward everything
"And" demands that our contemplation become action
"And" insists that our action is also contemplative
"And" allows us to critique both sides of things
"And" allows us to enjoy both sides of things
"And" allows us to ask forgiveness and apologize
"And" is the mystery of paradox in all things
"And" allows us to be distinct and yet united


Meghan said...

I think that you've totally found your first tattoo.

I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'...


A.Fetterly said...

"And" allows us to enjoy both sides of things..

I love this Kara. I recently wrote about the maintaining the And/Or stance in answering questions generated during the design process, because the And/Or stance allow contradictions and other things to occur at once, rather then alienating and reducing thoughts and concepts into separate parts.

Thank you for sharing and happy 2012!