26 January 2008

Playing with Words

sneak peek

I love these shirts. Words playing on words that seem to represent little to a particular public. 
More fodder for my research.

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JJ said...

Kara! Yes, it's JJ, stalking you on-line once again. Just wanted to let you know...it's official! Lisa and I are moving north! I've been granted admission at Regent College and plan to enroll full-time this fall. We're hoping to move up to the 'couve in July or August...and we have all sorts of questions for our favorite local resource! Best neighborhoods...best way to find a cool place to live...job connections...let's talk! My e-mail is jjk@spu.edu...send me a shout! We'll probably come visit in the spring to get our bearings a bit more...hopefully we can connect with you! I love the blog...such great stuff! I've started blogging in 2008...jjkissinger.wordpress.com, if you're interested.

Hope all is well, my friend! Talk to you soon!