25 January 2008

Walking the Talk

I was walking to catch my bus and was stopped on the street by a woman who said to me, "Way to go - bringing your own mug." I said, "Thanks." And walked away thinking that there was a time when no one would have cared that I had a coffee in my hand, let alone one that was reusable. Now someone wants to know if I'm carrying a mug, what kind of coffee it is, where it was made, what resources were expended in the creation of it and if my mug came from the right company. To me, another reminder of the bombardment of ideas and thoughts around living a "sustainable existence." 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting of the working group for Walking The Talk. This group gathers to determine how they can develop the next generation through sustainable education (K-12, higher education and non-formal education). 

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